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Investment focus on the Chaco region in the department of Boqueron of Northwestern Paraguay, an area that provides for 
outstanding conditions for agricultural production.

This area is controlled by German descendants and infrastructure is advanced according to South American standards. 

A stable, foreign investor friendly political environment combined with highly fertile farmland at low costs make Paraguay unique

Excellent video introductions by Paraguay's Ministry of Industry and Trade and its Investment and Exports Network - REDIEX


A relatively small country in the heart of South America that offers ideal conditions for investments in beef producing farmland. The most significant favorable aspects include:

  • Foreign investor friendly political environment - no restrictions on foreign ownership

  • Lowest taxation in the region

  • Stable economy - inflation of 3.1% (2015), and fastest economic growth rate in the region of 14.2% (2013)

The Chaco Area features:

  • Advanced infrastructure and resources managed by German communities      

  • Low land prices compared to international and regional standards

  • Highly fertile soils with exceptional production capacity

  • Organic livestock production without the use of additives or hormones