UPDATE: SF Lapacho is 100% subscribed as of April '18.

SF Lapacho Allocation of Funds

SF Lapacho Project Overview

  • Legal jurisdiction: Paraguay

  • Minimum investment: USD 100,000.00

  • Lock-up period: 5 years

  • Expected average operating rate of return: 6.5% 

  • Expected annual farmland value appreciation: 10%

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This investment project allows access to an asset class that would otherwise be inaccessible for many investors.

Through the use of a local corporation which directly owns the cattle farming operation(s), this alternative is as close to owning a personal farm as it gets without actually having to purchase the entire operation alone. 

SF Lapacho

Status: Closed/fully subscribed

The project is now fully subscribed, monthly reports will no longer be made available publicly. To receive more information on new and ongoing projects, please contact us.

Project Structure

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SF Lapacho Project Overview