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UPDATE 10/04/2021

  • A Farm named Estancia La Persevera has been acquired and taken into possession.
  • Production to start within the current year.

The Project is 89% subscribed and 51% paid in as of March 2021.

UPDATE 15/02/2022​

  • The property is fully productive and profitable by the end of 2022.
  • About 60% of the farm's production capacity is already producing project owned cattle, the other remaining 40% are producing leased livestock.

UPDATE 05/07/2022​

  • The farm has been paid off, all third-party owned cattle have left the property as per contract. The resulting income from the activity has been paid into company accounts. 
  • The project is being stocked with 100% project owned cattle and will be at full load within two months.

The Project is now 100% subscribed and fully funded as of July 2022.

Additional subscriptions are no longer accepted.

  • Legal jurisdiction: Paraguay

  • Minimum investment: USD 100,000.00

  • Lock-up period: 5 years

  • Expected average annual CoC (cash on cash return): 6.2% 

  • Foreseen I.R.R. (internal rate of return): 14%

SF Paratodo Project Overview

Designed to fulfill the demands of investors looking for diversification in a safe and profitable alternative investment, we are proud to announce the launch of SF Paratodo.


Following the success of the first two direct investment projects, SF Paratodo follows the same structure and production strategy. Due to Covid-19 and related restrictions, SF Paratodo S.A. funding period will be closed later than initially scheduled. For more information, please contact us here.

Project Structure

SF Paratodo

Status: Closed/fully subscribed