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UPDATE: SF Paratodo S.A., the legal structure of SF Paratodo has been signed for as of May 2019

  • Legal jurisdiction: Paraguay

  • Minimum investment: USD 100,000.00

  • Lock-up period: 5 years

  • Expected average annual CoC (cash on cash return): 6.2% 

  • Foreseen I.R.R. (internal rate of return): 14%

SF Paratodo Project Overview

Designed to fulfill the demands of investors looking for  diversification in a safe and profitable alternative investment, we are proud to announce the launch of SF Paratodo.


While following the successful structure of the first two direct investment projects, SF Paratodo will be the first to offer a yearly dividend payout rather than 100% re-investment of profits and is therefore suitable for a wider range of investors who also look for passive income.

Project Structure

SF Paratodo

Status: Open for subscription 

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