Southern Farmlands Paraguay

Southern Farmlands Mission

A unique and relevant alternative with a strong  risk/return ratio for a hard asset, located in a geographic region with considerable growth potential.

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​Our mission is to provide international investors access to turnkey investments in prime Paraguayan farmland for livestock production at low minimums and shared risks. Our experienced and knowledgeable management team ensures a safe, lucrative, and sustainable investment alternative with a low correlation to traditional paper assets.​

What Motivates Us?

  • Transparency and integrity are the most important values to us. This is required, as by design our projects foresee a high level of trust by the investor. We use different strategies to ensure shareholders are involved with the development of their project:
    • Monthly progress reports 
    • Constant exchange through informal WhatsApp groups
    • Annual shareholder meetings

  • The track record of our international management is unique in Paraguay. The farms are managed by a team of individuals who grew up on farms and have generations of experience in the meat production industry.

  • The design of our projects allows investors access to producing farmland without having to purchase an entire farm or be experienced with the agricultural industry/farming, all aspects are completely managed.

  • ​Our global background allows us to attend clients in 4 different languages and according to international business standards.

  • Being outside the radar of major political and financial regions, capital is safe in case of any turmoil in your home country.