Southern Farmlands Paraguay

SF Quebracho

Status: Open for subscription 

  • Legal jurisdiction: Paraguay

  • Minimum investment: USD 100,000.00

  • Lock-up period: 5 years

  • Expected average annual CoC (cash on cash return): 7.0% 

  • Foreseen I.R.R. (internal rate of return): 14%

Project Structure

UPDATE 29/08/2022

  • A potential farm for purchase has been selected within the region of other Southern Farmlands operations
  • The subscription period will open within 2 weeks
  • A pre-subscription investor list has been set up to reserve allocations for clients that have already expressed commitment 

UPDATE 01/03/2023​

  • The selected farm for the project has been negotiated
  • The project is 24% subscribed and paid in

In case of interest, please contact us here: Contact form

SF Quebracho Project Overview

SF Quebracho follows in the footsteps of other successful CIS (collective investment schemes) by the SF group of companies - with the difference of its dividend payout strategy:

As opposed to its predecessors, SF Quebracho will pay out an annual dividend to investors at a varying rate between 3% and 5.5%.

As with previous structures, SF Quebracho is based around a local Paraguayan "sociedad anónima" ​to keep the design as lean and efficient as possible.

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