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Following the success of the SF Lapacho pilot project, Southern Farmlands is pleased to introduce SF Palo Santo!


Just like the first direct investment company, SF Palo Santo is designed around a local corporation which directly holds all assets and active business of a producing operation.


The farm Estancia La Vanguardia has been acquired and will be paid off by June 2019 

SF Palo Santo Project Overview

SF Palo Santo 

Status: Closed/fully subscribed

UPDATE: SF Palo Santo is 100% subscribed and 71% paid in as of April 2019

Project Structure

Southern Farmlands Paraguay
  • Legal jurisdiction: Paraguay

  • Minimum investment: USD 100,000.00

  • Lock-up period: 5 years

  • Expected average operating rate of return: 6.8% 

  • Expected annual farmland value appreciation: 10%