Walter advises Southern Farmlands investment projects on all aspects of production management.

Currently a successful dairy farmer in the Alexandria area of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. His milking herd comprises 1000 cows on home farm and 600 cows on another share-milking project. He is an active member of organized agriculture.

He identified the need to invest beyond his countries borders, which led to extensive research for foreign investment opportunities.

Walter decided on Paraguay due to the country's huge growth potential.

Languages: English, Afrikaans

Walter Biggs, South African Representative, Advisor on Farming and Livestock

Stefan Bode, ​External Investment Advisor

Management is divided into two categories:

1) Project Administration - legal, accounting, financial

  • Carried out by a dedicated administrative team.

2) Farming related operations - cattle management, infrastructure, practical operations

  • Carried out by Southern Connections​, a farm management and consulting firm with extensive experience in the Chaco region. Website:

Stefan serves Southern Farmlands as External Advisor on Global Financial Trends.

Stefan Bode is an advisor for the global financial markets as well as for the communication with German speaking investors. During his 17 years in the financial markets, he has assisted high net worth clients, corporations and foundations with their investment processes. 

Due to his affinity for history and the financial markets, his clients as well as himself invest globally in different sectors, including farmland/grazing land in Paraguay, for which he sees significant growth potential. Anticipating geopolitical upheavals in the coming years, a looming fertilizer shortage, and the deglobalization of the world economy, Stefan believes that non-stock market income will help stabilize annual cash flow.

Languages: English, German, Russian

VOUGA is Southern Farmland's advisor on all matters related to outsourcing, independent and corporate law.

With a team of professionals with experience spanning more than three decades, Vouga Abogadosis one of the most prominent and experienced law firms in Paraguay. With offices in Asunción and Ciudad del Este, a regional reach and an international outlook, Vouga Abogados is one of the largest law firms in the country. In fact, the team has led several of the most relevant transactions in the country during the last years.

For more information on the firm, please visit the firm's website here.

Copyright Southern Farmlands

Vouga Abogados​, Legal


Hagen is the CEO and Co-founder of Southern Connections Agro Consulting and Management, the company that handles all farming related operations for Southern Farmlands projects.

Over 35 years of experience managing cattle farms in Southern Africa and South America and 3rd generation stock breeder. Currently owns a livestock production operation in Uruguay - South America. As CEO of Southern Connections Hagen has a successful track record of managing cattle farms in the Paraguayan Chaco over the last 8 years. Current portfolio includes over 30,000 hectares under management in Paraguay. Very experienced in international beef production and the livestock production industry.

Competed successfully and achieved numerous awards. Served as judge on many stock breeding expositions selecting the beef cattle champions over different continents.

Languages: English, Spanish, German and Afrikaans


Operations managed by a highly qualified team with a proven track record in Paraguayan beef production: Southern Connections

Southern Farmlands Paraguay

The Concept

Daniel Elicetche & Asociados, Tax and Accounting​

Hagen Stahr,​ CEO Southern Connections

Lennart Stahr, Founder and Director

Southern Farmlands was born out of the realisation that a significant amount of people are interested in investing in farming and related operations in South America, but didn't have access to an appropriate investment vehicle. For direct ownership the minimum investment was simply inaccessible and it was not possible to share the risk with others.

After many years of working in farming related activities in Paraguay with UHNWIs and family offices, we decided to fill that gap and create a vehicle which allows for much lower minimums and the ability to share the involved risks with others. 

Daniel Elicetche & Asociados is Southern Farmland's advisor on all matters related to administrative, tax and accounting.

The firm was created in April of 2008 by the association of prestigious professionals renown in the country and overseas. As a part of Parker Randall International the firm has a vast international reach and experience in assisting foreign institutions or individuals to get established in Paraguay and familiar with farming and related operations.

For more information on the firm, please visit the firm's website here.

Lennart was born and grew up in Namibia - Southern Africa. Lived and worked on farms in Southern Africa and South America all his life. Experienced in agricultural investment management and consulting projects through prior position with family organization Southern Connections, an agricultural real estate investment management firm in South America. ​Passionate about the agricultural industry, as well as finance and entrepreneurship.

Education: Honoris Generalis and Summa Cum Laude in Investment 

                  Management from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fl.- U.S.A.

                  Currently: Executive MBA at University of West of England, Bristol U.K.

Certified Instrument Rated Pilot by the FAA. Certified Yachtmaster Offshore by the RYA.

Languages: English, Spanish, German and Afrikaans

Publications: Livestock Investment Opportunities in Paraguay on Global Ag Investing
                     Dispelling the myths about Paraguay on Agri Investor